Quantum HYPNOSIS Healing technique

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique℠ allows people to access a part of themselves that holds all the answers. Some people call this the Higher Self, the Over Soul, the Super Conscious. With QHHT®, clients are able to have a much clearer understanding of why things are the way they are — and to ultimately create change within themselves.

QHHT has been effective not only accessing Past Lives but more directly helping to heal yourself.

Clients have experienced immediate results with:

1) Medications - discontinuing completely

2) Pain / Surgeries / Cancer / Auto-Immune issues - healing completely

3) Diabetes - discontinuing insulin

4) Healing Broken Bones / Cartilage Regrowth
5) Trauma / Anxiety / Allergies - healed instantaneously
6) Vision corrected - no longer needing glasses / contacts

Emotional / Spiritual Level


1) Finding Your Purpose

2) Gaining clarity on past events 

3) Anything that has or can affect you and what you can do about it 

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Rock Maze


  • Sessions are 3 - 4 hours

       Interview = 1 - 2 Hours
       Hypnosis = 1 Hour Past Life Regression
       SuperConcious / Healing & Questions Answered = 1 Hour 

  • You'll need to record it (Phone / Tablet, etc.)

  • The session MUST happen in person (your home or mine) & we'll need access to a bed for most comfort to access the SuperConscious

  • Quiet / Distraction free zone / preferably without
    children or pets in the vicinity

  • You'll need a list of questions you wish to be answered or issues you'd like healed

    This is important to know as the client will be in a deep in trance and the practitioner needs to observe facial expressions and if the client experienced a trauma like fire, choking, etc. - they may touch their face and could disrupt the session as in a past life you would most likely not be wearing a mask.

Working with Kathy Unger using the QHHT method was a delightful and insightful experience. Kathy was attentive and supportive throughout this trance experience, one where I found myself able to engage in deep trance work and explore the vast possibilities of past experiences and how they can facilitate growth and change in my present life. I would recommend anyone interested in exploring personal growth and development to reach out to Kathy and discuss how working with her can help you achieve growth, insight, and change to meet your goals.                                      

Stephen Gross, LCSW / Therapist 

Please email me directly with any questions or to schedule a session:  kathy@activatealchemy.com


Dolores Cannon has written many books and released many videos on YouTube and other platforms where she discusses topics like: Atlantis, Nostradumus, Jesus, UFOs, etc.

She is credited with discovering there are 3 Waves of Volunteers that have come to create a NEW EARTH.